One County Square, Suite 220

Boonville, Indiana 47601

Phone: 812-897-6161 Fax: 812-897-6400

Dear Registered Voter,

Thank you for registering to vote by mail. Under a new federal law, if you registered to vote by mail for the first time in Warrick County after January 1, 2003, you must present this office with a copy of a personal identification document before you can vote in the 2012 elections.

Please forward ONE COPY of one of the following documents that contains your CURRENT NAME AND CURRENT ADDRESS printed on the document:

We urge you to provide this information as soon as possible. It is imperative we receive it no later than 30 days before the 2012 election process begins. You may submit your information by mail, fax or in person. (See top of page)

This is a requirement of the Federal Help America Vote Act. If you do not submit this information prior to Election Day, you will be required to do so at the polling place.

Any questions, please call 812-897-6161 Thank you for your assistance!

Issued as required by 42 United States Code 15483, Indiana Code 3- 7-33-4.5, and Public Law 209-2003 Section 204.